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January Club Night Report


The Highland Club met for the first time this year and another large crowd were once again treated to an extravaganza of top notch entertainment. 

Graham Wilson assumed his now customary position at the head of the pack and led with Ian Joseph Macdonald on second box.

A great start by these guys had the feet tapping instantly and Nichol Mackay with his five row button box kept them tapping. Jacquie Macdonald was at keyboards as Nichol made a welcome return to the Club after a brief spell away. Welcome back Nichol.

Hamish Macdougall followed with Ian Joseph Macdonald on second box, Susie Simpson on keyboards and Mike Smith on drums.

Jock Fraser has been a regular visitor over the last 3 or 4 months and he was present in the hall once again. With Susie Simpson moving over to second box, Jacquie Macdonald at keyboards and Mike Smith on drums, Jock just gave it laldy and had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.

Fraser Maclean completed the line up of floor players. Ian Joseph Macdonald was at the keyboards this time round, Calum Mackaskill was on the guitar and Mike Smith retained the seat at the drums. Fraser managed to relate yet another story involving the poor folk of the village of Tore near Inverness. Such a den of iniquity and there is always something going on, according to Fraser at least. Fraser is a great story teller and no mean box player either. Thanks guys.

Time for the guests now and The Andrew Macdonald Ceilidh Band had made the trip up the A82 from the Fort William area.

Andrew Macdonald on piano accordion, with Robert Nairn on fiddle and Hugh MacCallum on drums just wowed the crowd right from the off. What a wonderful display of pure musical genius from these guys. No music , no stories and straight from the heart. It doesn't get any better than that.

Jigs, reels, waltzes, marches, it really didn't matter what they played, the standard remained exceptionally high right the way through and the crowd were ready for their cuppa at the interval.

Susie Simpson got the second half under way with Jacquie Macdonald at keyboards, Jock Fraser on second box and Bob Wares at the drums. Susie played us into Burns season with a medley of Burns tunes which enticed the audience into song.

Ian Joseph Macdonald finally managed to get into the band leaders seat and Graham Wilson joined him on second box. Sitting in the back row were two long standing friends of Ian's. Sheila Henderson was at keyboards and her brother Ewan Henderson was at the drums.

Ian is sadly now not available for most of the remainder of this year and is busy on the entertainment front. Enjoy it all Ian and hurry back to see us. You know you are very welcome.

One more local player took to the stage before the return of the guests. Jean Millwood had Jacquie Macdonald at keyboards and a Mike Smith on drums and turned in her usual high quality performance.

Once again a huge thank you has to go to all the local players. Without them there just would not be a Club Night and the standard on offer within the Highland Club at the moment is of a very high standard indeed. Thank you guys.

Back to the guests to bring the evening to a close. Andrew Macdonald and the boys just lifted the tempo up another wee bit and played a stormer. A few solos from Robert Nairn on the button box completed a fabulous evening and brought a few people to their feet at the end.

Yet another really good nights entertainment at the Highland Accordion and Fiddle Club.

Bob Wares