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The Highland Club met for the February meeting at the usual venue and once again another first class evening of quality entertainment was to unfold.

The evening opened on a sad note when Club secretary Jacquie Macdonald announced the passing of one of the great servants of the club almost from its inception over 40 years ago. Marion Mackenzie, a former committee member, had been ill of late and sadly passed away earlier in February. Marion will be greatly missed and has not managed to be with us at all this season. Our thoughts are with her family. Marion's late husband Angus was a former chairman of the Club.

John Ross assumed the roll of MC after Bob Wares was taken ill by one of those annoying bugs doing the rounds. John let nobody down and did a great job.

First up was Susie Simpson with Jock Fraser by her side on second box and Mike Smith at the drums.

Hamish Macdougall was next on stage and Susie Simpson moved over to the keyboards and Mike Smith remained at the drums.

Alan Smith from the Lanark Club had made the trip north and had the box with him. Alan played a couple of sets with Jacquie Macdonald at the keyboards and Mike Smith stayed at the drums. Thanks for the visit Alan. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Colin Donaldson was a welcome visitor and can't manage along as often as he would like to. He had Heather Donaldson with him on drums and Matthew Maclennan was borrowed from the guests on the second box.

Time for the guests now and the Hector Macfadyen Scottish Dance Band had made the trip north.

Hector had a familiar line up with fiddler Morris Duncan, Matthew Maclennan on keyboards and fans favourite Kevin McGlynn on the drums. Hector and the band just let loose from the word go and had a very appreciative audience responding loudly and very favourably. Great stuff from the guests as we went for the half time cuppa and a welcome break from the high tempo.

Back to the music and Fraser Maclean started the second half with Mike Smith at the drums and Callum  Mackaskill on the guitar. The second half just picked up at the same level as the first half had finished.

The man from Garve, Alex Mackenzie made his way to the stage and with Calum Mackaskill staying on the guitar and Mike Smith on the drums, Alex once again played to his usual high standards.

Susie Simpson returned, this time as a soloist to complete the local players and once again a huge thank you goes out to all those players who took their turn on the stage. It is really much appreciated.

Back to the guests to bring the evening to a close and Hector and his band hit all the high spots very quickly and then just stayed up there. Fantastic show from the Hector Macfadyen Scottish Dance Band and he is right up there amongst the very best. Our audience certainly think that and gave them a long and loud round of applause as they brought the evening to a close.

Yet another fabulous night at the Highland Accordion And Fiddle Club.