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The Highland Club met in the Waterside Hotel, Inverness for their April meeting and once again the faithful were not to be disappointed.


A smaller than usual crowd and a diminished number of local players did not distract one iota from the quality on offer.


Graham Wilson had missed the last two Club nights with illness but was fighting fit this time round. Ian Anderson was visiting from Keith with his wife and found himself at the drums.


Welcome back Graham.


Hamish Macdougall followed Graham onto the stage, and Ian Anderson stayed at the drums. They were joined by Ian's Mum Ena Brian on the keyboards.


A really busy night for Ian Anderson as he stayed on the drums with the next player. Jean Millwood had the box with her and formed a trio when Jacquie Macdonald took to the keyboards.


Time for the guests now and The Ewan Galloway Trio filled the spot with fantastic energy, enthusiasm and a huge amount of skill, sheer musicianship and pure entertainment.


The safe hands of Bill Ewan on keyboards and an equally safe pair of hands in Kyle Innes at the drums, had the crowd in raptures from the off and postie Ewan delivered on all fronts with a first class performance. The performance included a solo rag spot from Bill Ewan and the crowd were ready for their half time cuppa after that.


The man from Garve, Alex Mackenzie  kicked the second half into action with some rousing sets and able backing from Ena Brian on keyboards and Bob Wares on the drums.


Fraser Maclean completed the local players spot, but not with his usual 3 row button box. Instead he had borrowed the 2 row box from Hamish Macdougall. Fraser's versatility shone through and he coped admirably with the loss of a whole row of buttons.


All the local players excelled tonight and let's not forget the valuable contribution made by our visitors Ian Anderson and Ena Brian. The quality of all on display was of an exceptionally high standard and we consider ourself blessed indeed with the quality on offer.


Ewan Galloway brought the show to an end with a varied performance. We had an accordion solo spot from drummer Kyle Innes and the crowd demanded an encore, which was duly completed. Once again Ian Anderson took to the drums to let Kyle have a tune on the box.


Ewan joined Bill Ewan at the keyboards for a piano duet and the variety on offer from this trio was really enjoyed by the crowd.


Ewan and the boys played a huge selection of all things Scottish and even managed a wee continental waltz and also a bit of classical, before sending the faithful home with their heads buzzing from a performance that was straight out of the top drawer.


Yet another super night at the Highland Accordion and Fiddle Club



Bob Wares